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Hi All, i'm new to this site. I haven't taken part in any reenactments but have been to a few and thoroughly enjoyed them, when i was Oxford way. I have a love of social history and genealogy , it was whilst talking about the subjects to a friend who put me on to your site. She also suggested that i put up what i do for work as there are not many people around that do what i do. So if some one could point me in the right direction as to ask permission from etc, i would be grateful. If it is not allowed that's fine as i DON'T 'spam' or push my work in ' peoples faces' :D

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Welcome to the site.
If you are happy to put some photos up of something you have made or written, there's the "creative works" sub forum.
If it's period specific, you can also try in one of them.
If you want to sell something there is buy and sell, although if you are selling regularly that's not allowed, IIRC. It's been so quiet here that I've forgotten most of the rules. (This isn't my site, I just moderate it)

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