What's wrong in WOTR re-enactment?

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Nigel wrote:Told you

and the masterclass on padding ends now :D
:lol: looking forward to digesting when I get home
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A very interesting read it was too
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This beleive me has only scratched the surface
There’s a country in Europe where they treat their ex soldiers with pride no waits for medical treatment after injuries received during service, no amensia from the government. Cant for the life of me recall where it is but I know exactly where it is not.


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Are you sure padding wasn't made out of fish....

... can't find any evidence they weren't.


Sorry just a joke and it's got the official 'this is a joke' label.


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Perhaps not the padding but the photographs certainly were. The official patent on Quayn's joke label has not yet been issued but when it does I will attach it to said comment above. See you at Joust Q.


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oh btw, why were all the furniture made from paint....

... well they are on the paintings from the period.

Quayn's 'This is a joke' Label, for the authentic 'don't take this seriously' feel to a comment.


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