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Post by Tym »

Why is there a lack of sword makers for the 17th century?
Only seem to be one or two that make battlefield safe weopons. Also why are they more expensive in comparisson to other periods?

I would like to hear what others have to say, Or if you do make for a other period could you make for the 17th Century.
( I am not talking about fancy rapiers and the like more the basic sword for the grunt)

Thanks :)

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Post by Alan_F »

Armour class do very good hangers for 17th century and it's been my experience that other sword makers will happily make something up if you show them what it is you want.
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It is also my understanding that the two main C17th bodies approve their suppliers so they get the bulk of the trade as the members will go to them first to be certain of getting somehting thta wil be allowed on the field.

As Alan says pretty much any swordmaker wil do c17th as much as any era if you ask them (and wil normally be glad of doing soemthing a bit different!).
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Post by Nigel »

ECWS Doesnt even ahve an official sword policy

At Regimental level speaking for my own we apporved 3 patterns of hanger selected one supplier told em thats what the lads could ahve and thats it .

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Post by Tym »

Live in the Shrewsbury area can anyone give details to a local armour/sword maker?


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