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Phil the Grips wrote:http://www.theborderers.info
We have horse AND a tower house :)

OK there is now a Mab shaped hole in the scenery!!!
Seriously though, if you could let me know what you're looking for member-wise (and even as I type that, I know I'm going to regret that wording!) or if you could let me know who I should contact, that would be great!
Thank you muchly,
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Back to topic... SF & fantasy as a kid, tabletop role-playing games and a couple of trips to 'Treasure Trap' (anyone out there old enough to remember that?) LARP'ing while at Uni, then met some loonies who played with 'the real thing' (KIB). Decided that if I wanted to run or play RPGs 'accurately' I'd better learn to use a sword...

The society was completely C13th then and only did our own (fully choreographed) tournament show. Later we moved up to C15th: we started going to Tewkesbury (when it was pretty much all-comers and [metal] mail-clad knights in long surcoats were pretty close to authentic by comparison!). The incentive to get C15th kit was the first time we came across a bill-block who knew what they were doing. We found out (experimental archaeology time) why they stopped using heater shields in C15th! One year later and we taught the same lesson to a Viking shieldwall...

I'm still with KIB, we still do both C13th and C15th, mostly our own shows but play with others when we can, and after many years of generating splinter groups have found the fine balance which lets everyone do what they want to do. (Shouldn't say that really... tempting fate!)

But the thing I discovered was that that shy specky SF-reading kid had a real showman inside him. The fighting's a lot of fun, the social life's great, but for me the period and the type of show don't really matter. It's standing up in front of an audience and being the (loud) centre of attention that really keeps me going all these years later.

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Why do I do this? The little voices? Partly. Plus watching maid marian & her merry men as a lil one.
Initially though, because I was promised lots of yummy food. Seriously.
But, for the record, me actually getting properly into it and getting me fighting and everything is all Chris' fault. Blame him for subjecting the battlefield to me! :twisted:
And now I've just spent a weekend very enthusiastically recruiting more folk to the best hobby ever ever ever. It's like scouts only more random and with booze and shiny shiny things, what more could you possibly want!!! Woohoo!!! :D :D :D

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Can't actually remember a time when I didn't have a fascination with the medieval period so not sure what got me kick-started. Having said that, Kit Carpenter didn't help.

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" 'Treasure Trap' (anyone out there old enough to remember that?)"

yep, hands up. Adam R also did it.

I only went to Tarporley once (when at school) and likewise Chiselhurst caves (by the time I had started reenacting). Fun but not as fun as dressing up for proper.

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gregory23b wrote:" 'Treasure Trap' (anyone out there old enough to remember that?)"

yep, hands up. Adam R also did it.


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So why did I fall in love with the Tudors?? I ask myself a lot... I would be married to a man possibly 20+ years older than me (Charles Brandon!!) would be surrounded by 5 or so children, those 5 being the ones that survived out of the 10;

but I love it! The characters and politics of Tudor England are so real, so close, so engaging...... and tragic, too.

It appeals to me.
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