Fashion history, runway shows?

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Fashion history, runway shows?

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I'm going to study fashion design after school and want to do some research on the most important things one needs to know^^ this forum seems suitable for my fashionhistory questions =)... So..i want to present a contrast between fashion a few hundred years ago, and the one today. The means for this should be video, about today's runway shows there is loads of info (as shown here), but how about earlier times? When did they begin to do fashion shows? What was used before that, to present Outfits/styles, except for print.
Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Fashion history, runway shows?

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Not sure how long Fashion Shows go back.

However there is evidence that dolls were dressed up in the latest fashion as a marketing tool, maybe as early as the 16thC.

I'm not sure whether this is your best forum for this. There are several historicial costumier groups where you will get a better answer.

they here ... fault.aspx

or here

or here
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