Fabric covered helmets

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Fabric covered helmets

Post by Foxe »

I've seen examples of fabric covered helmets from the 15th/early 16th centuries. Anybody aware of the practice continuing into the later 16th-17th centuries? Any ideas on the kinds of fabric used?
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Re: Fabric covered helmets

Post by Stuart Quayle »

Hi Foxe

I have seen an example of a Parade type, highly ornamental Barbute helm, which was covered in a velvet clothe. This helmet was thought to have been in use around the 17th century, but 'the experts' weren't sure if the actual helmet was of much earlier manufacture (say 1480ish) and tarted-up and re-used for parade 150 years later.

Then, of course you have the Secrete helm, a simple skull cap wortn underneath a civilian (or military) felt hat for protection.

Can't think of any others.

Stuart Q

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