Trekking Opporchancity

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Phil the Grips
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Trekking Opporchancity

Post by Phil the Grips »

A mate at work is doing his civvy exit as a Youth Worker and Expeditions Leader after 25 years in the Infantry.

However his years count for nought when it comes to his qualifications(!) so he needs to get 30 hours of experience under his belt. He's also rather intrigued by all this "dressing up stuff".

I heard mutterings that some folk wanted to go walkabout in the woods doing a kitted march or trek of some sorts, so if you want to help him out and have some fun at the same time then get in touch and I can see if we can sort summat out. Preferably in the Central/Borders/Edinburgh-shire area if possible.
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steve stanley
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Post by steve stanley »

I'd love to,But it's a bit far..........
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The Methley Archer
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Post by The Methley Archer »

A few months ago some members of BushcraftUK floated the idea of a trek in Scotland using period equipment to some timespan of the 18thC, but I can't remenber what.

Or was it on here?
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Post by Hobbitstomper »

I think The Vicus have done several of these along Hadrians wall. They are up at Corbridge this weekend but I don't know if they are walking the wall.

Contact phone numbers are on (And pretty sharpish. If they can help there is not much to organise kit.)

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Post by Type16 »

see my PM

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