First world war event - contributors required

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Chase Through Time
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First world war event - contributors required

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The Chase Through Time is a Staffordshire County Council and Historic England partnership, with funding from HLF.

In June 2107 we aim to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Messene and the role of the training camps on Cannock Chase.

The two day event wishes to show case hands on, interactive displays that will engage with the visitors and provide talks and demos of the various training activities undertaken by the troops who where stationed and trained there.

Are there any re enactors in the UK who can represent New Zealand Troops ?

There was also a POW camp alongside ( 'the Cage') , and we would be interested in any groups who could help in interpreting this element ,and represent German troops, either as prisoners or from 'the other side of the wire'.

For further details please email me direct on

Miss Costello
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Re: First world war event - contributors required

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No women involved in the Great War?


We portray GW Salvation Army and civilian workers.

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Re: First world war event - contributors required

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Gary, SRD in Belgium do Kiwis
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