Is Ross in Afghanistan?

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mac (crucesignati)

Is Ross in Afghanistan?

Post by mac (crucesignati) »

Hands up if you think this looks like Ross!

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Post by tonw »

too small to be ross

could be la'al un though

though i though he was a fly boy
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Ross - Knights et Armis
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Post by Ross - Knights et Armis »

Hey Mac..

nice its not me....i wouldn't be that nice to kids....he he

Kyle is going back down to Afghanistan in a few days for his 3rd tour of duty..then he is over to iraq..

hey it must be hard to imagine little kyle all grown up and in the forces himself..

I will be back to lodge from the end of this we can chat more then...i have a load of information to impart.. take care..

how about a Knights School appearance? after all you were one of the founding knights..


mac (crucesignati)

Post by mac (crucesignati) »

I don't envy Kyle going back out there - for one time, let alone his third tour. Mind you, he's RAF so he's probably living in a hotel drinking pimms!

I'm desperate to get back to KS, had thought about the up and coming extreme but realised it's only a week away and I'm duty anyway. So I'll get the date for the next and keep my fingers crossed for attendance.

Look forward to seeing you in London this year - that's great news.


Carl / Sir Geoffrey
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Post by Carl / Sir Geoffrey »

Hi Mac,

No that can't have been Ross. He was too busy winning World's Strongest Man 2006.
Carl Sprake
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