Dutch re-enactment event Ridders van de Haar 2006

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Joram van Essen
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Dutch re-enactment event Ridders van de Haar 2006

Post by Joram van Essen »

Hi Everyone
Just to plug the event I am organising again this year in Holland, Ridders van de Haar.


This is the 3rd year I have organised Ridders van de Haar, this year it is larger with a couple of Hundred re-enactors for tent camp and small battle (skirmish) display. As well as more re-enactment traders. Pictures from the previous events can be found on the website, There is a section in English, although it has less information on it than the Dutch section. If any re-enactors are interested in attending, feel free to email me for more information.

Joram van Essen
Medieval Productions

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Post by marloes »

Looking good Joram, I still have my 15th kit ready for events, I'll keep an eye on the event, perhaps I'm free then and I cant wait to visit the 15th century again as a serving wench first class ;)
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Post by BraveAnimal »

Hi there Joram!

I will be there ( probably in an authentic 21th C. outfit) to watch.

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Thomas Hayman
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Post by Thomas Hayman »

Any Dutch on this board i'd like to meet if you're goings i'll be there. Sounds great, but i'm not telling you anything :twisted:

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