Lace Wars at Kedlestone Hall

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Lace Wars at Kedlestone Hall

Post by craig1459 »

die Behmen hinder iren bafosen ... stunden vest wie die mauren

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Post by Cat »

Fantastic pics Craig! I can see now why I kept getting hassled about my missing tie on my britches though. Not as bad as Jorge's missing fly buttons! And then Mr Grips split his coat...and we were the gentry! Well, Jorge wasn't, but...

Thanks Tod, for letting us guest with the Lace Wars (check the spelling, :lol: ). You get biscuits and everything.
A'Stanley A'Stanley!

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Post by Angie »

My daughter will be chuffed to pieces when she sees the photos and film clips. She makes it in to more pics than I do :D
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Post by Redders »

Excellent pictures Craig. (You still owe me a shilling!!!!)

What a fab weekend was had.
It was so nice to have such a great group of guests join in with us too.
Certainly made the event far more enjoyable having you guys come along.

Bucket chasing the portable chair will remain with me always.

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Post by Bucket »

Redders- Its nice to know that i have left an impression.

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Post by Andysmith »

Vagabonds, rogues, thieves and sinners all of you...straight to Purgatory - do not pass 'Go' and do not collect your £200!
What a cracking weekend and some lovely photos too - I am still collecting fallen women (for later) and will happily take any off your hands.

Go in peace.

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Post by Tod »

Does any one have pics of Heather and the space invaders?

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Post by Henrik Bjoern Boegh »

Nice pictures and entertaining videos! :-)

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