Traders wanted for C18th Market Minden 30/07/09 to 02/08/09

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Traders wanted for C18th Market Minden 30/07/09 to 02/08/09

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The Market
The market will be for the sale of suitable 18th century crafts. In some cases early 19th/Napoleonic will be also appropriate e.g. generic goods such as pottery, plain buttons or tinware but only if these items aren’t visibly of another period e.g. displaying datable markings such as regimental buttons or of a later style such as bicornes or shako’s. The market will be open to both re-enactors and the general public and is held in the historic centre of Minden. The market and the other activities start Thursday, 30th July 2009. The market forms part of the civilian living history display in the centre of Minden. Civilian re-enactors are also invited to populate the market

The Public
This event has been in preparation for over 3 years and has the full backing of the Minden Marketing Board. A successful market was held in 2008 and it is expected that several thousands visitors and tourist will be present for the 250th Anniversary weekend in 2009. Not to mention the participating re-enactors

The Stalls
There is no charge for the use of stalls by traders, we have three versions of stalls available, these stalls are completely empty and the users will need to furnish them by themselves as necessary. It is acceptable to have modern equipment for credit card orders etc as long as they are not kept on plain view

Open ones, made of wood and canvas, 2.00 meters x 1.20 meters:


Stalls made of wood in two sizes:
2.00 meters x 1.80 meters


3.00 meters x 2.00 meters


Setting up and Storage
Cars and vans can be driven to the market area for loading and unloading but after nine o'clock in the morning the streets have to be clear and the cars have to be parked away.

Overnight Storage is available for goods in the nearby "Hansehaus" and in the house set aside for overnight accommodation.

During the day free food will be provided for traders by an "Historical Fieldkitchen", you will have to bring your own knives, forks and plates etc. ... index.html

The stalls are lockable and a security service will patrol overnight through the streets.

Travel Cost Allowance
Traders - None
Civilian Re-enactor - 50 euro

Men, women and children who attend the market as civilians or traders should, be dressed in the European wardrobe of the time. Clothes from later epochs such as long trousers, short waistcoats, top hats as head covering, empire-line clothing etc. are not appropriate. Clothing which clearly comes from North American/ overseas is incongruous and not appropriate.

If you do not wish to trade in the market, trading is also permitted in the soldiers camps situated in and around Fort C. The soldiers camps will form a living history display area open to the public therefore during the hours it is open all trading must be done ‘in period’ e.g. smaller items sold for cash. Stalls are not available in the camps and any sales or orders requiring modern equipment such as biro’s, calculators etc should be left until after the camps have closed to the public.

Further Details
If you are interested in attending the market as either a trader, sutler or a civilian please pm 'Musketier' (the organiser Udo Bruhe) or myself and I will pass on your details.
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