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Post by marloes »


Im looking for a small (1-2 persons) tent for my 1930s-ww2 CIVILIAN impression.
It has to be small, not to heavy and authentic of course.
Any suggestions on where I might find one?
Or will I end up making one myself because they all cost a fortune or are all military tents? :(
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Post by Jenn »

You could try Victor James - he makes most sorts of tents

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Post by Panzerman »

I'm told I make people tents at times

I'm also told I can be too in tents.......

At Detling I'll be in me own tent....

If you see me in another one I may be loitering within tent......

All punned out now....
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Post by m300572 »

Sadly my dad's old tent has passed on (we still used in the garden when I was a kid) it was 1940's vintage so probably similar to prewar ones, lightweight canvas with rope reinforced holes at the apex for the pointy tops of the wooden poles to go through.

You need to get hold of an old gas cape for a groundsheet to be truly authentic - I'm not certain is ours was a leftover from Grandad's WWI service.

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