WW1 Lances

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WW1 Lances

Post by Joolz »

Just to give you guys the heads up, I was in my local gunshop/militaria dealers yesterday (Barbican Armoury, Brancepeth Castle - look it up), and amongst all the really interesting stuff he has, there were a pair of 1915 dated British cavalry lances, bamboo, with red/white pennons, cord wrap grip and leather wrist strap, excellent nick, with WD+Arrow stamps. He's already turned down an offer for £350 for the pair, and is just waiting for the right offer.......it's down to you guys. Oh, and it would be a collect (from just south of Durham City) as they are far too long to deliver, or even get in a car....

He also has a Denix Thompson in excellent nick going for £100 (the 1928A1 version, stick mag and horizontal foregrip - I got the 'mobster special' with drum mag!). They're a bit of fun, and at that price they would do as a knockabout prop gun.

PS. if you're thinking of going there, his opening hours are a bit odd! Check them out first..

Sorry if this post violates any rules (mods, feel free to delete). I'm just spreading the word.
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Re: WW1 Lances

Post by spydde »

Although our troop does not use lances I will pass this on to the 16th who do
thanks for the heads up
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