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Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82

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Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82 is a nationally based living history group who seek to recreate a German army military police unit of 1944.

We were formed back in 1987 and since then we have gone from strength to strength. We take a large amount of pride in the quality of our overall display, the detail and accuracy and the amount of equipment we have at our disposal.

The aim of the group is to give a snapshot representation of the ordinary German soldier during the Second World War.

The group is unique in that we are the only dedicated military police unit concentrating on the later war period - typically we base our scenario around the Caen area of France, in the spring or summer of 1944.

The unit represents the men and equipment from the 82nd military police troop of the 2nd Armoured Division. This unit was formed in Vienna on the 16th of August, 1939 and was comprised mainly of former Austrian police officers. It saw active service in the Polish and French invasion campaigns, then extensively on the Eastern Front. It was then involved directly in the D-Day landings, before retreating back towards German and finally surrendering on the Rhine defensive line at Plauen, Germany.

The choice of unit was important as we needed a unit which was active in the Normandy area during June of 1944, as we work very closely with the 916 Grenadier Regiment. It was found that the 2nd Panzer Division best fitted the criteria as it temporarily absorbed the 352 Division (of which 916GR was a unit). Some further basic research revealed the allocated police unit was Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82.

We are very fortunate to have available a large amount of equipment including an original 2 tonne Citroen lorry, probably the only one in the world configured as a wireless vehicle, original tents, a 3 tonne Mercedes lorry, an Enigma machine as well as a plethora of communication equipment, paperwork and pioneer items which were used for basic demolitions operations. 2008 is taking shape nicely - our events calendar is almost full and we have 2 large major projects on the go, which promise to be unique! We will also be expanding our unit to encompass a medium radio unit (type b). We are also looking forwards to working alongside some highly respected and reputable units at a few events next year.

We always welcome enquiries from people interested in getting involved with us, either as a member or just on a show by show basis. If you'reinterested, PM or email me at enquiries@feldgendarmerie.com or visit our website at http://www.feldgendarmerie.com.

We are a member group of the World War 2 Living History Association (www.ww2lha.com).




Dave Page
World War 2 Living History Association Ltd.

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Great group, its been a pleasure being arrested by you :D
LOTS of music and radio broadcasts from 1900-1945 downloadable;


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They are a real decent bunch of guys, great attention to detail, brilliant well rounded set up (they have forced us to fight when we tried to retreat, typical Chained Dogs, but we dont hold it against them :lol: ).

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