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Book online

Postby IDEEDEE » Sun May 16, 2010 8:33 am

Interesting (well, I though so, & it's not really my period) book on line at Google books: a US (West Point), 1836 treatise on field fortifications (laying out, constructing, defending & attacking), with "how to" notes, drawings, tables of weapon effectivness etc. etc.

First thought was that it was a bit early for ACW buffs, but it actually looks like the kind of thing that this side of the pond could have become a "standard work" for military students (after all, the US army is still using the Boer War work "The Defence of Duffer's Drift" - and that must be about 105 years old now). Anyway, thought it worth flagging up.

Google "laying out fortifications" or try ... &q&f=false

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