1690 British Infantry

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1690 British Infantry

Post by Dathi »

For some inexplicable reason I find myself looking at putting together a 1690 -ish British fuzileer outfit.

I'm fairly comfortable with the clothing, Red broadcloth lined yellow bayes with grey kersey breeches and grey yarn hose. Shirts and neck ties are no problem. Waistcoat in yellow, with a linen lining ( I think)

Buttons. what style and type..?

Shoes are slightly tricky, should I be in buckled shoes or still lace ups?

The Fuzileer cap may be tricky, as in style. Is it WR embrodiered ? or JR?

Cartridge box poses a problem. It should be, I think, tin covered in leather. But I'm not sure if I need anything on the outside of the box How big should it be ? 24 charges? 36 ?

The sword poses a problem, what style should I get ? A hanger ?

Sword belt and bayonet are ok, I'm fairly comfortable with what I'm getting

Lots of questions I know but it's a foray into unknown country and I hate to do things wrong when the answer could be right in front of me..... :D

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Re: 1690 British Infantry

Post by Redders »

These may be a good source of info for you.


I'm guessing that you'd have to decide which side you wish to fight for to determine whether you use WR or JR?

Andysmith on here portrays a Grenadier of the period, he may be able to help you too?

Good luck, sounds a fun project.
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Re: 1690 British Infantry

Post by steve stanley »

Plain pewter,as far as I'm aware........I reckon that's the transition period for shoes,but would favour laces.......
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Re: 1690 British Infantry

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