Elizabethan knitted garters...

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Elizabethan knitted garters...

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Can anyone point to evidence of knitted garters in the C16th? There is the line from Taming of the Shrew

"let their heads be sleekly combed their blue coats brushed and their garters of an indifferent knit" act 4 scene 1

This is a reference to servants (also a nice reference to the wearing of blue by servants) which might be a literal reference to knitted garters?

Any other refs?


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Re: Elizabethan knitted garters...

Post by sally »

hmm, there are definately some some cloth ones in the MoL, someone did say they had one 16thC knitted one as well but I havent been able to find a picture or details beyond an accession number (NN 18752)lifted from a discussion on a knitting forum, might be worth giving them a shout to ask if the date is confirmed and if they can gve you access to it?

Some of the fingerloop braid patterns work very well as garters

These are 17thC http://www.mfa.org/collections/object/k ... ir--121957 just as a comparison from a bit later

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Re: Elizabethan knitted garters...

Post by GinaB »

The word knit can also mean 'to work' or ' to knot' or similar variations in original documents, so he may not have actually meant something that was knitted as we know it. (just to confuse you!)

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