What would the archer do?

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Kristian of Flanders
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What would the archer do?

Post by Kristian of Flanders »

As a 15th century archer i Will need a chief of 30 arrows, as statet in the Abeville ordonance. Probebly 2 arrowbags of 24 arrows as stated by Robert Hardy.
Ik know that type 8, needle bodkin, type 16 broadhead where commenly used.
To portray the archer correctly i asked myself, what arrowhead would he have used?
Would it be one or a mix off the commenly used? No text is conclusyf (not the one's i have read)
Looking forward to your opinium and wuy.

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Re: What would the archer do?

Post by Will.S »

I'm personally of the belief that the most common head from that period would be the Type 10. I know others share the same thoughts. Mark Stretton has a couple of genuine 14th/15th century type 10s in his possession, which he bases his usual arrow heads off.

The Type 16 is also thought to be common - a recent additional investigation by Hector Cole of an arrow found that is thought to be genuine medieval shows a type 16 used but as yet we dont know if it's real or not - but personally I think they were too fiddly and complicated to make en masse, and the simple Type 10 that any blacksmith could make in less than 15 minute is more likely to be used.

Probably best to avoid the obvious "'re-enactorism" and have a selection of various hunting heads and bodkins all in one bag, and pick one solid, typical head for every arrow. I'd go for a type 10 on a half inch bobtailed shaft of limewood or aspen (poplar) with low 7.5" fletchings of goose, whipped with silk. That to me seems the most commonly accepted medieval pattern.

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