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Guernsey and Jersey in 15th century

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:25 am
by AndyandHelen
So as some of you may know I am here in guernsey at the moment and have been doing bits here and there with the museum service at castle Cornet and at candie gardens. I have based everything so far on the exploits of Richard Harliston who was sent down by Eddy to take Jersey back from the French. During the process he self titled himself as sir Richard as even though he had the title Vice Admiral I think he wanted something a bit more to impress the locals.

Anyway I'm wondering what sort of livery may have been worn, plus of course any flags. Anyone think that the admirals pennant may have some ancestry as far back as 1468? I'm just after some extra colour. For example of I get a livery coat done would I be better off getting a standard English one? Harlistons mini army and fleet was a bit of a mix of assorted Englishman from the 'fleet' (ie anyone who had a ship and was available, so presumably chaps from as far away as Hull all the way down to Plymouth with all points between). Another contingent was that of the militia from the parishes of St Peter port and from St Martins. Being as I'm a North countryman and can't speak Guernesias for toffee I'm going with the principle of being one of the English volunteers (I portray either a surgeon or an archer/crossbow man/ bill) the livery coat would be when I'm doing the old sweat recruiting 'keen' militia. May also want some form of flag/standard. Just what to go for? Any ideas? (The current Guernsey flag is St George's defaced by a gold cross, Jerseys is a St Patricks with something popped on it)

Re: Guernsey and Jersey in 15th century

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:30 pm
by AndyandHelen
Bit more, turns out Richard Harliston was dispatched to Guernsey by drumroll Lord Scales (yes I am washing my mouth out and contemplating cutting off my fingers). Spring 1468 fleet arrives and 'visits' jersey. Edmund Weston (father of Richard and William Weston (both granted coA) born later on) and Richard H start siege of mont Orgeuil also known as Castle Gorey (and where a certain Griff of this parish has been a couple times). They collaborate with Phillipe de Carteret (local chap) by 23 September Scales and Lord Mountjoy are about to sail and Scales is awarded lordship of Jersey. Before end of November the siege is won. No notes as to whether Scales and Mountjoy were involved. I have read elsewhere that militia from St Martins and st PP were involved in all of this too which greatly amused the denizens of Guernsey (no love lost between the 2 main islands). This info comes from Tim Thorntons 'the Channel Islands 1370-1640' I ll have to go back on the hunt.

Re: Guernsey and Jersey in 15th century

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:03 pm
by Marcus Woodhouse
The Woodville family had quite a reputation as sailors. They won battles against Warwick, the French, the Bretons and they had responsibility for the south west. I'd read something other then Sunne in Spenldour before you judge them.