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Use of Baldrics during Hundred Years War and WOTR

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:00 pm
by Phoenix Rising
A simple question, brought up as a book I've been reading gives an illustration of the Battle of Bannockburn from the 14th Century Holkham Picture Bible which clearly shows a man wearing a baldric with scabbard in place (along with the use of sword and buckler) - did the use of baldrics continue from the Normans through to the Hundred Years War and into the WOTR periods?

Asking as this is the first time I've seen an illustration from this period of this, and wondering if:

a) Was it still in common use?
b) What would it have looked like? (ie, would it be angling the scabbard in any way, or would it have been like the earlier type where the baldric attaches to the scabbard at its top and the scabbard hangs straight down)