New Group seeking Questions

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New Group seeking Questions

Post by Robertson »

Hi All out there.

My name is Barry me and my wife have just started out (i have done re-enacting in my past) and are putting together a Medieval group in Sompting west sussex however we have a few question from like minded people. The period we are doing is 1100 - 1200 life of Crusader to Sacracen.

1) do's any one know the best and cheapest Public Insurance brokers?

2) ideas on how to atract/recruit new members.

3) where to go for sword training in the west/east sussex areas and who can ceritify me to teach others.

4) where to get Childrens period customes.

5) Where to register the club.

Any other information that you think may be ueful would be great.

Look forward in responses.

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Re: New Group seeking Questions

Post by ForTheMarshal »

I think we need to talk.... being "Crusade" and all that! :P

If you have skype or trust an internet stranger with your phone number, please PM me. If not, no sweat, we can chat by PM.

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Re: New Group seeking Questions

Post by Biro »

I struggled with Children's costumes. Historic Enterprises in the US look like they do a good deal on them but I found delivery too expensive, but I think they do one of the UK markets. Maybe you could arrange something to collect there? In the end I made my own and bought the shots from John Watson

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Re: New Group seeking Questions

Post by Tod »

I buy my kit from Jackie at Cloaked and Daggered and I would she can do childrens kit.
I use Black Friars for insurance.
No one is going to certify you to be a sword trainer as there is no one body that controls re-enactment fighting, almost every group is different. In the same way there is no where to register your group, although I moved your other posting to the societies area on this forum.

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Re: New Group seeking Questions

Post by Dave B »

1. My guess is that you will find it quite expensive per head to get insurance for a very small group, and may struggle to provide all the right information they require (policies, risk assesments etc) if you are just starting out. If it is at all possible I'd look at finding out if there is an existing group that fitted with what you are doing who wanted to take you under thier wing as thier 'west sussex chapter'. Or if that didn't suit you and you prefer to maintain indepandance then affiliate your group to one of the 'umbrella' societies (groups of groups). the obvious one for you is the E.M.A (Early Medieval Alliance). They help to arrainge insurance and also put you in touch with event invites etc. There are details on thier website on how to join.

An issue you may have is that you've picked a less popular period, giving you less groups to work with and events to go to. The late medieval period (Wars of the roses / mid to late 1400's) is very big, and there are plenty of groups round the HYW area (mid 1300's to mid 1400's), and also a fair few norman conquest types, but I cant think of so much going on these days in 1100 to 1200.

2. Recruiting Members. Nothing usefull to offer you there, except to say that if you advertise with leaflets in the library etc too early you will probably end up with more problems than you can cope with. You can put an advert in the 'societies' section here and see if anyone from your area comes looking. Nothing wrong with being a very small group if you can affiliate yourselves, one way or another, with a larger one. Once you are up and running it all gets easier.

3. Sword Training: tricky one there, don't know anyone in your area but perhaps someone will come along. Definitely try to make it to the next EMA training weekend though: ... +training.
As Tod says, there is no overall body in Medieval reenactment, so no-one to certify you. Events are generally invite only, and if you are not safe you end up not invited in future, but there is no formal system of certification accross groups.

4. Childrens costumes: I'd second 'Cloak and Daggered'. it's hard to know exactly what kit to buy without quite a bit of help and research. Normally the advice is always to join an established and respected group and let them advise you, but it sounds like you are going it alone. Nothing wrong with that, it's how our group started about 15 or 16 years ago, but it is hard work. Jackie of cloak and daggered could probably help, and there are a few good books. I'd reccomend going to one of the big reenactment markets for a window shop.

5. As Tod has said, no such thing as registering your group. But you can post a desription of your group on the societies page here so that people can find you.
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Re: New Group seeking Questions

Post by SirUlf »

Raven Tor is nearby, they do all sorts of periods, including Crusader, and I believe one of them is a proper fencing instructor.

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Re: New Group seeking Questions

Post by DeviantShrub »

Children's clothes are really easy to make for the early medieval period. If you can make a grown up tunic and coif you can certainly make one for a small person and with far less time and fabric. The Medieval Tailor's Assistant will give you a bit of a steer for the latter end of the period but patterns are basically made up of rectangles and triangles.

Shoes are a bit trickier. If you want to buy them, Ana Period Shoes sometimes has small sizes in her machined range, and Plantagenet Shoes do a kiddie shoe trade-in service. - late 12thC living history group

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