Hats again :)

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They cost 15 pounds each. Doesnt matter which shape.

I will go this year with a lot of medieval stuff to Barley Hall in York for : St Nicholas' Fayre Medieval Market (November 24th - 27th)

So we can meet there OR I can send you hats ... but money you can send to someone in England (I have a lot of friend there ) this will minimaze your costs a bit.

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Post by Cezar »

So ... anyone interested in those hats ? :shock:

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I am interested Cezar, just trying to work out what to do, as I have a trip to New Zealand to organise as well, but would liek to make it to york. Will sort it out when I get back from the Bank Holiday weekend
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I love the hats....and the photos!!!

I want a hat but I can't get to York!

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Hooray a fayre I can go to to shop

and one of you owes me a pint


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There are some nice rush hats on ebay - just type in "rush hat" in the search bar. Auctions end Saturday 3rd Sept.

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Hi there,
Its not my period at all, and the refference i want to tell you about is later, but i hope it is ok.
There is an old book here in Denmark, wich has pictures of a noblemans estates and propperties. It is called Jacob Ulfeldts Jordebog. It has illustrations. One of those shows a peassant who is seeding a field. He wears a black tall fashionable hat wich could be a wool or felt hat. And he wears a ruff two. The book is late 16th century, so i know it is two late for your question. But i always wondered did a peassant really have the money to wear such outfits, fashionable hat and a ruff? Or did the drawer of the illustrations excagerate to burst!
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Skev, the charges are not high. They are blinking extortionate. Roll on one currency please!

And the hats are blooming great although I would also point people towards Crafty Beggars who do some nice stuff.
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Here I am wearing the one I had made as a copy of the one in the background on Robert Campin's Mérode Altarpiece.

I really should either wear no coif, or learn to wear it more tidily so I don't look such a divot.

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