Knight school April 2012

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Deborah Seagrave
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Knight school April 2012

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Hi all

Another great Knight School this year hosted by the Knights of Honour. Many thanks to Blackie and Jenny for organising and also to our two brilliant trainers James and Carl and well done to everyone else who took part. A great time had despite the wet and windy conditions and always nice to fight in castle grounds.

Knight school is a great opportunity to get together fighters of all different reenactment societies, to practice safe fighting techniques, pick up new tricks and tactics (and some sneaky new moves) and generally get to know some funny and friendly people. It also means that you learn the surcoats of safe good fighters so on multibash events you can have a good clash together and better yet, as you know them by names/face too you can meet up in the beer tent after the battle (loser buys?).

Knight school is not just for the clankies though with archery becoming a growing feature (yes you get to shoot at the knights - just not with sharps please) and if your more into the craft side of the medieval period there's other crafters there to share ideas and trade secrets with. This has been my fourth knight school. Loved it and can't wait for the september one ;-)

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Re: Knight school April 2012

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Hi Debs

Thanks for the compliment, both to myself and Kyle. I also believe that the quality of the weekend's training comes from those who attend and stick it out, like your good selves :D .

I have posted my feelings about this knight school (except it was on the friends and gossip section, oops :crazy: ), but thanks for spreading the good word of knight school.

Looking forward to seeing you at Tewkesbury.

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