1260 to 1300 hand protection

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alex lee
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1260 to 1300 hand protection

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Hey guys
Was wondering what types of hand protection were around in during this period. Im not sure about steel hand protection, Is It to early for steel gauntlets? Or will hardend leather gauntlets be the safest bet? Any help would be greatly appriciated :)
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Re: 1260 to 1300 hand protection

Post by Biro »

Pretty much just mail gauntlets (ideally joined to the hauberk).

But most groups do leather for protection - especially on non-mail-wearers as an accepted re-enactorism. Or simply padded armour gloves (as per your gambeson) - or a combination of both.

There were rare instances of hardened leather armour worn over mail and I vaguely remember an account of whalebone being used, but that's about it.

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Graham Ashford
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Re: 1260 to 1300 hand protection

Post by Graham Ashford »

Hi there

As said above, for armoured protection it tends to be maille all the way, normally integral to the arms of the hauberk.

http://www.manuscriptminiatures.com/sea ... ew=gallery I would think that the top picture in this search has been tagged incorrectly or that's a pretty forward thinking Goliath :o

Illustrated detail showing the integrated mitt with slit to have hand in or out. I think that the last picture of the above list shows a pretty good indication of a two fingered mitt.


Here's a pile of effigies as well: http://effigiesandbrasses.com/monuments ... &view=list

Hope this proves useful.

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Re: 1260 to 1300 hand protection

Post by The_Maille_Tailor »

I'd suggest using maille over a sheepskin glove, with a alyer of sheepskin in between.

I used to make them for customers and they are very effective at protecting hands as well as passing muster.

Have a look here to see an example https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =3&theater
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Re: 1260 to 1300 hand protection

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right at the very very end as in last ten years of that POSSIBLY mitten style gauntlets of whale bone plates but the mitten is like lots of 2inch squares sort of shapes rather than the later very solid steel mittens you get later similar to coat of plates overlapping shapes but on the outside and over the hand? possibly but then only for the rich I guess heres my reference from a book but might not be 100% perfect "in about 1250 Matthew Paris depicts a cuffed gauntlet made seperately from the sleeve it appears to been a form of bag gauntlet of leather with a flaring cuff, or a form reinforced by whalebone or metal plates inside or outside of a leather or canvas mitten." but im guessing this early we're talking about the people so rich they look down at the rich people with distaste because they just aren't rich enough

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