Square Tents

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Jim Smith
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Square Tents

Post by Jim Smith »

... is there provenance for them during the WoTR? We have two members for whom a square tent would be ideal for mobility reasons. All advice welcomed.
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Re: Square Tents

Post by guthrie »

I don't recall seeing any pictures of them. Rectangular and round, yes. But not square, although I could be wrong. Its just that I have looked through a lot of period illustrations when we were considering what tents to get for cosm, and since nobody was making rectangular ones had to settle for a pavilion tent.

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Re: Square Tents

Post by KedlestonCraig »

Negotiations in tents, French, 14th century, Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale

Not quite in timescale but interesting designs
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Colin Middleton
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Re: Square Tents

Post by Colin Middleton »

I generally work on the principal that square tents are out. There are rectangular ones, usually with either a flat (i.e. sloped gently to one side) or riged roofs.

I'd also avoid rectangular tents that rise to a point rather than a ridge. Again they look later.

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Re: Square Tents

Post by Jenn »

Doesn't Vic James make them?
He generally has some idea of where his stuff come from - ask him?

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Dave B
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Re: Square Tents

Post by Dave B »

As I recall he desribes his as 17thC, not medieval.
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Re: Square Tents

Post by Mick,M »

have you ever read this one from Co St G

http://www.companie-of-st-george.ch/cms ... gon-10.pdf

It has a chapter on tents that may be some help

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