Falchion scabbards

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Re: Falchion scabbards

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Marcus Woodhouse wrote:Although authentic I don't like wooden scabbards, I saw someone impale their leg on one back when i did ECW when they took a tumble and managed to snap it in half.
Ambulance ruined the ambience utterly so it did.
I make the cores of my scabards out of sole leather, rather than wood. You get a similar size and it's stiff (though not as stiff as wood), but isn't going to snap when you fall on it (and I fall HARD). It's one of those points where you have to ask how far to compromise...

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Re: Falchion scabbards

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My scabbards are hard leather for the same reason-in fact D.R. doesn't let authentic scabards to be taken out onto the field.

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Re: Falchion scabbards

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I've seen wooden scabards snap before but never before heard of any injury's resulting, never had any problems myself, but my darkage one is probably tougher than most spear shafts :D . Might have to make two scabards for my new messer, wooden core for storage and leather for battle field usage.
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