Any groups near Middlesborough?

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Master Thomas Pike
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Any groups near Middlesborough?

Post by Master Thomas Pike »

Hello All,

Come January I will be shipping off to Teesside University to do a masters degree.

Although Knights in Battle in Sheffield don't get ride of me that easily I was wondering if there were any groups nearer where I'll be living I can come say "hello" to? :)



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Phil the Grips
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Post by Phil the Grips »

First thing- learn not to put the extra "o" in Middlesbrough ;-)

Anmod Dracan are based that way and Regia and The Vike are in the Durham area likely with members local to you. Also Rosa Mundi are probably still floating around that way too.
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paul bennett
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Post by paul bennett »

Dragons Tayle are around if you fancy a bash
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Captain Reech
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Post by Captain Reech »

Rosa Mundi (as Phil said) based in Redcar, very nice people! They were very good to us when we started 15th C and they're well organised.
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John Waller
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Post by John Waller »

I think there are also a few people doing reivers and one of the knightly orders. As the man says - drop the additional O, end of the word is appropriately 'rough'.



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Post by oakenshield »

rosamundi are indeed floating about that area we are based in redcar and are the norths premier 15th century group : :wink: if not the worlds feel free to pm me if would like more info :)
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Post by Nigel »

Dawn of chivalry BIRO posts on here train every Sunday in Hartlepool

they are a good bunch of lads
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Post by hazyma »

Yep -Rosa Mundi still floating. Probably one of the few groups with 4 generations of re enactors in it. :lol:

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Re: Any groups near Middlesborough?

Post by eaw458 »

Or there's the York City Levy - all based in the NE, with most events too. Half a dozen or so events per season, either direct or through Livery and Maintenance. ~25 people of all ages with half a dozen kids or so, very friendly and welcoming. Annual membership £15 and food subs a mere £2.50/day with probably the best food around :-)

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