Household Archers in the WOTR. What did they wear.

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Oh well, since no one rose to my challenge ...

[quote="Colin Middleton]I'm actually looking at how livery was used and controlled in a general sense, rather than what badges and colours were used by who. [/quote]

Are you still looking ?

What in particular are you looking for?

Most of the work I've done on badges, cognisances, signs, etc. comes from reading the Chronicles, Account books (e.g. Sir John Howard's), Court and Leet books etc.

I've yet to find a book that really helped, generally there is too much emphasis on heraldry.

There are several quotes and references in my articles on Bends in Costume 33 ... otherwise if there is anythin specific post it here, or via a private email, and I'll see what I can find.


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