Timewatch on William Marshall on Saturday

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Timewatch on William Marshall on Saturday

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Brother Ranulf
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I shall be there.

He is one of history's giants, in more ways than one - Marshall is reported to have said towards the end of his life:

"I have captured 500 knights and taken their arms, armour and horses. If the kingdom of Heaven is denied me for that, there is nothing I can do, for I cannot return them."
Brother Ranulf

"Patres nostri et nos hanc insulam in brevi edomuimus in brevi nostris subdidimus legibus, nostris obsequiis mancipavimus" - Walter Espec 1138

Stephen Dobson / Rab
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Ah Vermin, you beat me to it! I'm really looking forward to this, as he is one of my heroes.

Kaos Ben
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Thanks for the tip! It was a great episode!
Also great that Toby got so much screen time! :D

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Post by Biro »

That was a good show.

You can still catch it on BBCi for another 6 days.

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Post by Mick,M »

ahhhh Unlce bill one can only follow in his footsteps!

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