Scots DID wear KILTS.. PRE-1600 by a long way

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StaffordCleggy wrote:I think the 'hostility' that Arkadian has felt was directed towards him is, in a large part, because of his previous posts about Bannockburn & his political leanings towards his idea of Scottish Independence & the whole flag burning offensiveness that we waltzed around some months ago.

I would like to see the Primary Evidence he has claimed, although i fear he is trying hard to prove an idea that suits his political persuasion & idea of Scotland's past rather than a dispassionate appraisal of evidence.
Ian Macintyre wrote:So being in favour of Scottish Independence is "offensive" :?:

Perhaps you may wish to re-write your sentence old bean. Simply being a nationalist does not mean that one is offensive. Nor that you have to have a romanticised view of our history.

I'm very offensive but its not because of my views on independence.
I don't have a stake in this one way or the other, but I read Cleggy's sentence as having the word "offensiveness" directly linked with "flag burning", so you have hostility towards someone who's view of history is distorted by their political leanings and their "flag burning offensiveness". I don't think it's unreasonable to find flag burning (if such did occur) offensive, surely?
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Scottish Independence isn't in any way offensive to me, quite the contrary in fact.
What is offensive is the burning of my Nation's flag as part of some obscure point making. What is also rather offensive (& not just to me) are the points on the SnG website that claims Scotland for "Ethnic, Native Born Scots". Too right-wing for my blood i'm afraid.
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Colin MacDonald
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It seems pretty clear to me that the sentence was meant, and meant to be taken, in toto, and to be about Arkadian's particular (note: "his") views on independence, not anyone else's.

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Ian Macintyre
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Indeed I've no doubt at all thats what it <b> meant</b> to say.

But it didn't. It said "his political leanings towards his idea of Scottish Independence " Which is a different kettle of fish.

But you has clarified his meaning which is fine.
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OI! Leave the Picts out of this, thank you very much!

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Hang on, you started it by invading Cumbria (run on Fawlty Towers scetch.)

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