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 Tudor Costumes

    Welcome to my web site devoted to my first Tudor gown.  The original aim of this site was to provide diaries of my Tudor foundation garments, my first Tudor gown (and susequent ones in the future) and of my friend Bess's Tudor Wedding gown. There is also a section on the research I've done for each part of my 'ensemble', the suppliers Bess and I have used and a photo gallery, which I'm hoping will, with your help, grow to be a valuable resource for others new to costuming, like myself.  I have now added a section on how to make each of the items I have made already - please let me know what you think on my message board.
The Diary of Clare's 1530's Gown

The Diary of Clare's Tudor Foundation Garments
The Diary of Bess's Tudor Wedding Gown

The Diary of the 1912 Evening Dress

How to make...
My Smock
My Corset
My Farthingale
sMy Bumroll
My Embroidery
My Oversleeves

Photo Gallery:
Quick & Inexpensive Costumes
Complete Gowns

*Photo Appeal*

    I would like to extend my photo gallery to include as many photos as possible.  If you would like to see photos of your gowns/underpinnings on this site along with mine, please e-mail me: and attach scanned photos (in JPEG format please) along with an annotation.  If you have no access to a scanner, e-mail me and I will let you know where you can send photos.  If you include an addressed envelope and a postal order for the postage cost, I will even return them to you once they're on the site!

Research, Links and Suppliers.

      Please sign my guestbook, I really want to hear what you think of my site and any ideas you have for improving it.  I will e-mail replies to any suggestions or queries.  Thank you.

About the Authors

    My name is Clare Kirkpatrick.  I am a 22 year old student nurse studying near London.  I became interested in costuming after meeting my friend, Bess Chilver, over the internet who has been doing it for some years and is very experienced.  I am planning on joining the Kentwell re-enactments in which she already takes part.  Everything there has to be authentic which is why I do so much research.  Many thanks to my lovely husband, Sven, who took all the photos except Bess's ones.


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