How To Make My Bum roll

      I made my bum rolls with some very heavy calico that I managed to get in a charity shop for 15 pence!  This is the best fabric to use as you need to stuff the bum roll fairly tightly so the fabric needs to be fairly sturdy.  I used feathers from a feather cushion to stuff the large bum roll, and just rags to stuff the small one.  You will also need some sort of ribbon (about a metre) to tie the bum roll.

1. Cut out the fabric:

Cut out two crescent shapes the size that you want.  The inside of the crescent should be large enough, and the right shape, to fit your own waist.  The outside can be anywhere from 7 cm (small bum roll) to 18 cm (large bum roll) depending on the year and the style of gown you want to make.  Remember to add a seam allowance when cutting the fabric.  Also, cut the ribbon in half ready to be sewn into the points of the crescent.

2. Sew it together:

      There is no need to do french seams on the bum rolls as the seams won't be seen!  It's easiest to machine sew the bum roll due the thickness of the fabric.  Sew the two crescents right sides together starting 5 cm from one point of the inside, working around the outside, then 5 cm into the other end of the inside of the crescent.  Remember to sew in the ribbon at the points of the crescent.  Then turn the bum roll 'inside out' so the right sides are facing out.  Push out the points with the handle of a wooden spoon or something similar. 

3. Stuff the bum roll, and finish it off:

     Stuff the bum roll as stiffly as possible with your chosen stuffing.  Then hand sew the open part closed as securely as possible.

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