Farthingale Diagram:
      This is basically a kind of cross-section of the farthingale with extra lines.  Your diagram should be acurately scaled down, 1mm to 1cm so that your final measurements are accurate as well.  This is how to draw it:
1. Work out the diameter of the waist   
    (assuming it's a perfect circle).  This is
    the top line (scaled down 1 mm to 
    1cm).  The equation for this is: 
        circumference / Pi (3.14) = diameter

2. Find your waist-ground measurement  
    and draw a line that length (scaled 
    down) from the centre of the waist  
    diameter line.
3. Find the length of your natural stride  
    and draw a line that length (scaled      
    down) at the bottom, with the waist -
    ground measurement in the centre.

4. Join up the shape with lines from the   
   ends of the waist diameter line to the
   ends of the stride measurement line.

5. Measure up the waist-ground line and
   mark four places each at about 17mm  
   (17 cm in real life) from the next, and   
   draw lines going across the shape at  
   each of these points.

6. Measure these lines and you have the 
    exact diameter of each hoop.
7. From this figure, you can work out the 
    circumference using geometry (3.14
    (Pi) x diameter).

I hope this makes sense...?

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