The Diary of the 1912 Evening Dress

The Beginning 

      My parents have decided to host a murder mystery party for New Year's Eve this year (2000).  The year of the party will be 1912.  With this in mind, I went to a brilliant antique shop in Hereford, which also sells antique clothing, with a mind to doing some research.  Anyway, I came away £60 poorer with a beautiful, but rather bedraggled looking 1910s evening dress.  This diary is all about how I am restoring it to a wearable state.


The Gown 

      The dress is made of a midnight blue satin, with a black lace overlay.  There is a black satin sash that is fastened around the waist with a diamante brooch.  In the centre of the bodice, there is a leaf motif worked in silver beads.

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The Plan 

      The first thing I need to do is to work out which bits of the lace I need to repair and which bits I need to replace.  If anybody visiting this site knows anything about lace repairing, please would you email me: as I know nothing about it!  I will definitely need to replace the lace on the bodice, but I think I can get away with some simple repair work on lace on the skirt. 

      The bead work is mounted on a piece of black netting which is torn and in need of repair.  I intend to cut out the motif, and remount it onto a new piece of black netting, then sew it back onto the bodice. 

      The easiest thing that I will need to do is to replace some of the 'poppers' and hook-and-eye sets that are missing.  I will also need to make the sash a bit neater, the pleats in it used to be sewn up all the way along, but the stitching has come away and this needs to be redone. 

       Wish me luck!!!

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The Apology!!!

      I have to apologise for my lack of updates on this piece of work.  The reason is that we did not celebrate New Year at all because all of my family had flu!  Consequentely, I did nothing else to this dress.  I am planning to look out for some antique black lace that will be enough for the skirt and the bodice and then I will start on renovating it.

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