Corset Photo Gallery

      This is my corset. The straps are detachable, this makes it easier to tighten if it stretches.  The other thing that enables this is the wide gap at the back where the lacing is.  I put tabs on my corset as I read somewhere that they help stop the corset digging into the wearer's hips.  There is a wooden busk in the centre front, which helps to give it that curve-less shape.  I adapted Drea Leed's custom corset pattern to make this.  I should really be wearing this over my smock but you wouldn't see it very well in the photo if I was!

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      Another corset made from Drea Leed's pattern, this time by Susie Skibo.  The outer layer is green duck cloth, lined with cotton canvas.  It is bound with deep wine coloured satin ribbon.  Susie says she has never made her undies white - she likes to be creative in this area.