Some Song and Dance: 1500-1700


These few pages contain an assortment of songs and dances worked up by the Tudor Company.

I've included MP3 or MIDI files for each of the tunes, so basically you ought to be able to learn and play these.

Broadly speaking these are authentic. However, errors always creep in and different folk do things differently. That was partly why we worked out these songs and dances. They may not be quite right, but we all agree on them and when we do them together they come out right!

So, your horses brawl may turn to the left when we go right, but so what!

The songs have been sung by Hope and Long Ned from Kentwell. Neither of them knew they were going to end up here and any faults in the recording are mine! The MP3 files vary from 250KB to 750KB, but I've kept the size (and quality) down as best I could.

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