A Daunce through Time
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Come on a guided walk through the streets with live music, readings and dancing

We have now completed this years event - if you saw the event and want to provide feedback, please email passamezzo @ aol.com (remove spaces first)

The site will be updated in December with details of the 2012 event

Frontpage of Playfords English Dancing Master 1st edition

In the 17th Century, London was alive with dances being created with reference to specific places and sites in the city.

Among these were dances for St Martin's, Pall Mall, Somerset House, London Bridge, Hyde Park.

The time has come to dance some of these dances again in their named London locations.

Come and enjoy the popular dances, tunes and poetry of the 17th century.

A Dance through time is a collaboration between     Passamezzo,     Renaissance Footnotes,     and     Nonsuch history and dance    

In association with Open Garden Squares Weekend

In 1651, over one hundred dances were collected in the first ever printed English dance manual, The English Dancing Master, published by John Playford from his printing shop by the Temple Church in London. John Playford collected his favourite dances, some of which had been in existance for 50 years or more, and many of the dances were named after popular people of the time or popular places.. 18 further editions with many more dances followed, bringing the total within the books to more than 500 dances and keeping the tradition of social dancing in this country alive for centuries.