Brit WW2 Infra Red

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Brit WW2 Infra Red

Postby Andy T » Tue Feb 28, 2006 9:08 pm

You'll be thinking what Brit infra red???? Surely he means Uhu (Owl) used by the Jaaaahmans in late 44/45 ???? Oh no Andy replies, Brit Infra Red... device was codenamed Tabby (get it?) instruction manual included mounting on wide range of vehicles such as jeep, Morris C8, quad, Cromwell and Churchill, Carrier, LVT etc etc. The headset looks akin to modern IR's except bulkier (natch), had a headset web in standard Brit army webbing. When I was at MAT in Beverley I used to be very naughty and put it on-damn it was heavy! I'd love to show you a pic but sadly didn't take any and as to where it now lives I haven't a clue! (the museum had one full set complete with lamp, manual, packing case etc) and a half set)

Oh boy you guys wouldn't have believed some of the stuff that museum had in its archives....pixie suits of course, the Borden complete railway operators training kit -you bet, manuals for every softskin vehicle used in the British army oh yes, and downstairs commando canoe through to a DUKW all now where???????
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Re: Brit WW2 Infra Red

Postby Eric the well read » Fri Sep 29, 2006 1:18 pm

[quote="Andy T"]You'll be thinking what Brit infra red????
Hi Andy,
Just noticed this, as it's well outside my 'period'-
The British certainly had infra-red night bombing sight. It was invented by my Father in 1942-3. In the specifications, he also added that 'as an aside' this could be used by Motor vehicles....... etc.
He received a commendation from the king (sadly, now lost),
and a communication from a certain military intelligence group saying "Well done, now Shut up!, Shut up! Shut up"!
Supposedly used on the bombing of Peenemunde (but I can find no references). He regretted to his dying day,the numbers of innocent slave workers killed.

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Postby cartoss » Sat Sep 30, 2006 7:49 pm

I heard that it was last seen on a convoy of low loaders, tank transporters etc heading down the m62. I believe, but cannot verify that the RLC museum at Deepcut has it. I also understand the NAM was involved in returning items on loan/ donated to the museum from private individuals.
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