Banner Sponsorship


Each advert is be selected at random and displayed at the top of the page. These adverts are spread across the entire site giving you the widest possible audience.

If you want your banners to show more frequently, then you need to buy extra banners. The full statistics are at the end of the page.

We're keeping the banners at the same price as last year for the 14th year running!! But better still - we have dropped the VAT making it an even better deal.

The average cost is 48p a click-through - cheaper than google or facebook advertising, plus you get all the awareness as well.

You can pay online using PayPal lower down on this screen. Please note we are ONLY accepting paypal payments this year, we will not be issuing invoices, so please save your paypal receipt for your accounts.

Prices are as follows:

1 Banner 50
2 Banners 90
3 Banners 120 This is the most cost effective price per click
4 Banners 150
5 Banners 185
6 Banners 215

The 3 banner option works out at 20,000+ impressions for 10 pounds per month. The average cost was only 30p per click-through for those advertisers on this option.


The LivingHistory web site is very active amongst re-enactors:

Each advert is shown over 25,000 times a year!! Nearly 100 times per day.

Banners are clicked around 500 times a year!

We currently have 5000 live and active users.

Between them, they read over 1.5 million pages a year!

The advertising period runs from 1st December 2017 to 30th November 2018.

I'm late doing the renewals this year, so your ads are running through december as well to make sure you get the christmas interest too.

The full statistics for each individual advertiser are at the end of the page.


As a sponsor you also can post ongoing adverts on the "Sponsors: Adverts and Announcements" forum for just for sponsors. Excellent for special offers, stock clearance and new products.


I am no longer taking orders by email, you should order your banner online using the paypal option below.


I will no longer be sending invoices, you will need to use your paypal receipt for your accounts.

If I do not have your banner graphic, or you want to update it, then please email it to me
cal "at"

You can update your graphic at any time. If you have multiple adverts you can have multiple banners (find out which one works best!)

Single Banner: £50
Two Banners: £90
Three Banners: £120
Four Banners: £150
Five Banners: £185
Six Banners: £215
Some email systems remove or disable the "Buy Now" options that should be shown above....

If you cannot see options to pay, or they do not work, then please go here

Advertiser Viewed Clicked
Annie Pedlar (1) 28,82054
Herts fabrics (1) 28,35455
Prior Attire (2) 56,805109
SJ Seamstress (1) 26,22088
Time Tailor (1) 28,29256


Banners must be in JPEG or GIF graphics format and their size must be 600 x 120 pixels. This is a fairly sizeable banner, larger than most sites offer.

Each banner can be linked to a specific web address - either a site address or a specific page.

Alternatively the banner can be linked to your email address, so customers can email you direct by clicking on the banner. This makes sense if you have no web site of your own. (Though having no website makes no sense - get a free one at LH at least).